SEO services are the ongoing process and accordingly the improvement will be done on regular basis on your website. This will highlight strengths and weaknesses related to your current site and opportunities for improvement.

Technical SEO

It’s important to keep on top of your website’s health. You need to keep it very easy and simple for User’s and Google, to access and understand the web content. In this technical SEO looks after the website problems like indexation issues, crawling and broken links or 404 error pages.

We use Google products, like Search Console, as well as other third-party tools to monitor and manage your website’s health.

On-Site SEO

On-page SEO (Search engine optimisation) focuses on design and content of website to show the information that users looking for. You need to think about the design and content which influence a user to the website journey.

Webeaters SEO team use Google’s best practice, and taking full knowledge and information that Google provides to help businesses like yours.

Webeaters SEO team continually learn and keep an eye on leaders in the industry so that we are update to date of trends, new ideas and techniques. We keep on searching and get updated as Google enhances its algorithm. We have taken a user-centric approach to on-page SEO by analysing intent of user and adjusted the content as per intent.

We follow the guidelines to get our webpage fundamentals right.

Off -Site SEO

It matters how your website appears across the internet. It’s important to maintain a consistent representation of your brand and ensure that your website is authoritative and trustworthy. Off-site SEO looks at outreaching, brand awareness, social visibility, third-party review sites and even your Google My Business & Bing Places listings. We’ll monitor and manage these as part of your campaign to make sure your website makes the most of these external channels.

We also work on managing your existing backlink profile and review low-quality websites that may be linking to you. Any backlink strategy should focus on naturally improving the quality and relevance of the domains linking to your website.