How to pick niche while designing website?

The online space has taken over the world today. Almost everything we do today is somehow linked to the digital world. It is no wonder that we find so much competition in the digital arena, with freelancer and fulltime web designers trying to get the best and most of the market for themselves. It therefore becomes even more critical that what you do stands apart from the rest so that your customers chose you over the others and you save time and efforts in the process due to the specialization you bring to the table.

Picking a niche in website designing is therefore critical for your web designing business. While doing different sorts of website designs may get you more work, the time and efforts you invest may not always give you the desired returns. ‘Picking a niche in designing’ means that you specialize in one or two niches. Whether you are a business or a freelancer, choose a profitable niche and you’ll reap the rewards.


Focusing on a niche market will help you better design websites and serve clients in a particular industry. You would be able to improve on productivity and efficiency since you would no longer need to spend time figuring out the needs of varied clients. Instead, you would need to be aware of and master the trends of a specific industry or a smaller group of clients, thus ensuring higher quality of service.

Clients would also prefer to have a specialist who understands their needs without having to spend much time explaining their requirements. This would also result in having fewer revisions to make due to incorrect terminology or information used by the designer.

How to pick a niche?

The first step to picking a niche is based on your interests, experience and abilities, while also ensuring that the niche you select is profitable. However, while money is an important factor to ensure you can cover your expenses, it is also important to ensure you do not work exclusively with a group you know you would be bored of in the long run. In such a case, you may want to consider having two or more niche groups that you are passionate about so that your work is enjoyable.

Industry niches – You could consider selecting a specific industry as your niche, say the food industry. This would enable you to work with various restaurants, catering houses, etc. and bring your understanding of the latest trends in the food industry to the table when dealing with such group of clients.

Organizations and groups – There are various organizations and groups such as sports leagues, non-profit entities, religious groups, etc. that need website services. A lot of business from such organizations can be acquired through referrals; hence these may be beneficial while you want to create your goodwill. However, you may need to carefully consider if engaging with these would be profitable.

Regional and local – You may want to consider targeting local or regional businesses. Despite the global reach of the internet, a lot of customers prefer dealing with local web-design professionals that they can meet face-to-face and discuss their needs. You could fill a niche by focusing on just one industry in your city, region or state, depending on the population or activities in your area.

Website style – If you are not sure whether to select an industry or a region as your niche, you may want to evaluate if there is a specific website style that you like creating, such as an e-commerce website, or maybe working on WordPress. You promote yourself as a specialist in such websites thus targeting specific customer requirements.

Renovations, upgrades and speciality services – A number of customers require follow-on services such as renovation to fix existing problems and upgrades to enhance the website design and look such as making the website mobile-friendly. Web designers and developers could consider this as a niche and promote themselves as specialists in this arena.

If you are still unable to find a niche from the above, just turn to the media and look for current trends and headlines in the business section of the news paper or a news website. Find out if you have any specific interests in a business or industry, or find out if any particular sector is expanding, and so on.

Some pitfalls

As you consider different niches to select from, you should pay attention and ensure that you do not pick niches that are too small, not profitable, or those that you do not like. You do not want to end up not having enough business, or having business that does not pay enough, neither do you want to end up not liking what you do.

You may also want to carefully evaluate whether it is the right for you to niche or not. While large web development firms have the resources to cater to a wide variety of clients, a small web designing firm or a freelancer may not have the same. Hence, if you are a small designing firm or a freelancer, it may be more beneficial for you to start out by creating your niche and then expanding your scope by adding on more varied groups of clientele.


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