Why You Need to Focus on Designing a Mobile Responsive Website

Do you know that more than 3 billion people around the world now have access to smart phones! Yes, even though the popularity of mobile devices is quite evident, the number is actually very huge.

In this amazing outreach of mobile phones and internet, if you have decided to build your own website that should provide you with an intriguing profit, because that’s what the main motto of your business is, then it is the wisest decision. And, until and unless, you can generate revenue, you will also be not able to grow and keep up the pace of your business. And surprisingly enough, designing a mobile responsive website will ease your task.

  • What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

Have you ever come through an experience of a website which is not rightly aligned with your mobile screen? Well, I have. Even there are many big brands who do not take much care of designing their website in a way which will suit the screen of mobile phones.

A mobile responsive website means it will offer optimized browsing experience to the mobile users. They will not have to scroll the screen horizontally. The layout of the website along with the font size and every other factor will be in line. Users will not have to struggle to find white space in order to go through the website without touching any unnecessary area which might redirect them to somewhere else (I cannot tell you how many time I have faced such situations).

In a nutshell, a mobile responsive design means that irrespective of the device availed by the users – be it a desktop/laptop or a mobile phone – your website will not carry any difference.

Now, you must be wondering why to put so much effort in making your website mobile responsive because your business might already making adequate profit. Hence allow me to draw an end to your confusion & queries. Read along to identify with the reasons behind designing a mobile responsive website.

Some Important Facts to Know:

  • Several researches have shown that around 90% of the users browse internet on their mobile devices.
  • More than 50% of them leave a non-responsive website & move to a competitor’s website which is designed in accordance with their mobile devices.
  • Over 57% of the users do not recommend a non-responsive website to others.

Keeping all these statistics in mind, below I have enlisted 3 main reasons why you need to focus on developing a mobile responsive website design.

The Main Motives following a Mobile Responsive Website Design:

  1. Handy is equivalent to being friendly.

As I have already mentioned the figures of mobile users, it is quite clear that these handy devices are non-ignorable. People cannot imagine a day without holding this small gadget in their hand. Can you imagine? And you know why it is so!! Because mobile devices are friendly. We can use them anywhere we want to – it’s like an on-demand tool.

Therefore, when your website will be mobile responsive, you can be sure of increasing the visibility rate of the site and as a result, decreasing the bounce rate as well. Users will not have to wait till the time of sitting in front of their laptop/desktop, they can check out your products or services anywhere and anytime they want. Accordingly, it will also help you in amplifying the user engagement to a major level.

  1. From prospects to customers – enjoy a faster conversion.

Despite the fact that you are taking home a salient amount of turnovers, but don’t you want to cultivate that more? On the contrary, if your business is on the other way round, then making your website mobile responsive should be on the priority list.

When users browse through a mobile responsive website, they don’t take much time to answer to your call to action as well. It means that your business will enjoy immediate and faster conversions. Users who were checking out your website, just like offline window shopping, will readily become your loyal consumers.

  1. Don’t you wanna stay ahead of the competition?

Competition is everywhere and every time – from starting off with our studies to setting up the business. And in this digital era, every other business is making their establishment online where smart phones are an integral part.

So, if you want to make your move in this competitive market & want to stand apart from the crowd bringing in more and more consumers to your business, having a mobile responsive website is indeed the go-to-solution for that.

To Conclude:

Owning a website which is mobile responsive will not only help you to drive users & make profit, it will also help you to retain all the factors needed to excel your business. It will let you hold on to your users’ attention & consequently, will build you as a trustworthy brand to them.

So, what do you want! Holding a stagnant position being an average business person or keep proliferating with your business!! The solution is in your hands.

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