In early 90’s, until Google invented there were no scope for digital marketing. There was only one solution to promote your work and that was Physical Marketing.

But, Physical Marketing has many disadvantages as follows,

  • Costly
  • No Tracking of audience
  • No specified Target audience
  • Limited Market Place

Digital Marketing overcomes all the disadvantages by physical marketing and at the same time provides some more benefits. Let us know why you need a digital marketing to run your business,

Reach Global Market Place

There is no limitation on market Place in Digital Marketing. If you are physically located in some place then also you can market your product globally. This benefit you will not get in physical marketing. There is good scope for Start-up Business and Small businesses to do awareness.

Reach your Target Audience

Unlike Physical Marketing, you can show your advertisement only to your segmented audience.

It is easier to reach your Target Audience. Because only interested people of particular field can see the post/advertisement, business will get a genuine traffic and leads.

Can Track Audience and Competitors

There are different tools to track Audience and Competitors. Hence, it helps to understand Audiences psychology and tendency. Also, it is easy to track competitor’s strategy and then can strategies your plan.

Easy Direct Contact with Customers

Through Online services, it is easy to communicate people. At the same time, instant reviews can be received from customers.


In Digital Marketing, you can Market your product according to your budget. This flexibility in the budget gives scope to businesses from all the categories. Not much manpower required.

Less time Consuming

Physical Marketing takes time to reach to the Target Audience whereas in digital marketing you can easily and with minimum time period can reach to your target audience.

Accessibility through Mobile and Desktop

In India Mobile users are  71% and desktop users are 29%. Because of the competition in Mobile devices and networking, affordably has increased by consumers. Hence accessibility through Mobile phones and desktop has increased.

Brand Awareness and loyalty

Target Audience and Segmented Audience are all time available online because of Assibility through Mobile and Desktop. Hence, Digital Marketing is a perfect way for Brand Awareness. It also improves Brand loyalty.

Batter ROI

By considering all of the above points, if any business follows that, then will get a better ROI because spending money is much less.

Digital Marketing is the best Solution for Start-up Business and Small businesses because of the above reasons mentioned.

These are the standard reasons. If you want to know more or have any doubt, contact us on

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